Cris Cyborg is disgusted after watching video of Dj Ivis, a Dj who is at the peak of his career in Brazil, not only beating his wife but assaulting her in front of her mother and daughter. Cris Cyborg challenged the dj to get in the cage with her and see what he could do with her in a video she posted on her instagram. She said “…This brings me indignation. If you have the ability to touch your wife, make a glove and let’s do a fight then, do what you did to her to me and see if you can…” and after that video the hashtag ” #CyborgVsDjivis on instagram.



Several Brazilian artists and fans are supporting the idea of ​​this fight because it would be more than deserved for what the dj did to his wife in front of his daughter and mother-in-law. #CyborgVsDjivis

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