Pink Belt Fitness is a program created personally by MMA Grand Slam Champion Cris Cyborg and designed to empower women through Martial Arts & Fitness training.

The Women’s Only training programs bring attention to Mind, Boyd, and Spirit as Cyborg with her team of coaches lead activities and fellowship aimed to transform, heal, motivate, and inspire each woman participating.

The programs are beginner friendly, and open to all levels of both martial arts and fitness. Gain confidence and improved self esteem as you complete activities individually and in teams designed to help develop communication and teamwork building skills creating a sense of community and sisterhood amongst those attending each Pink Belt Fitness Retreat.

Check out some photos from earlier Pinkbelt Fitness Retreats below or check out the Pinkbelt Fitness Instagram.

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There are very few opportunities for women to train exclusively in an environment created for them, without judgement or intimidation and with the freedom to discover martial arts in a safe and friendly atmosphere.

Cyborg who still remembers being one of the pioneers for female athletes looking to train and compete in Combat Sports, enduring the experience of being one of a select few women in the gym, enjoys fostering a community of support with her Pink Belt Fitness programs seen similarly to that of sorority sisters in university – encouraging and challenging each other to reach new levels of success in healthy and supportive ways.

Space is extremely limited for each Pink Belt Fitness Retreat to guarantee 1 on 1 attention for each participant of the event, and a real opportunity to get to know the person behind the name “CYBORG”.

Due to the planning that goes into each event, and the limited dates of availability only a few Pink Belt Fitness training opportunities are presented each year.

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