Recently Cris Cyborg made the announcement that she will no longer make herself available for interviews with reporters representing Flo because of an incident where FloGrappling illegally copied her digital series ‘Cyborg Nation Destination:Africa’ and hosted it on their own platform as original content.

When initial requests to remove the content were sent, instead of removing the footage FloCombat allowed it remain published until legal representation for Cris Cyborg was able to make contact.

Recently FloGrappling used (DMCA’d) their rights as content streamers to protect their Copy Right material and had the very popular BJJ SCOUT account on Instagram removed.  Those familiar with the account know that BJJ SCOUT heavily edits the footage in a formate beneficial for research and knowledge for individuals training in the sport of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu rather than simply re-uploading original content.

The video above, which has been viewed half a million times was copied by FloCombat moments after it premiered on Youtube, and posted the scene of Cyborg attempting to break the watermelons  in it’s entirety onto Twitter before Team Cyborg had an opportunity to publish on that platform.  Rather than posting a small portion of the clip and linking the youtube video, driving traffic to the original content, the video was posted in it’s completion with no mention to the Digital Series ‘Cyborg Nation Destination: Africa’ from which it was taken from.

While content on Youtube is given to fans free, there is a production cost behind creating digital content allowing fans to see and experience Cris Cyborg all access.  As a team, we appreciate the support fans show when they like, comment, share, and subscribe to our content and hope the fans will continue to do that in the future. Tomorrow Episode 6 of Cyborg Nation Destination AFRICA will be premiered on Youtube, Subscribe and turn on Notifications so you don’t miss an episode.

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