Fedor continues to show why he is The Last Emperor and why many fans have considered him the GOAT, The Greatest Of All Time.  With an impressive first round win over Former UFC Champion Frank Mir, Fedor has advanced to the semifinals of the Bellator MMA Heavyweight tournament and will be facing Chael Sonnen in his next fight.

While Mir offered a lot of problems that needed to be solved, Fedor was able to use his speed to counter punch a charging Frank Mir, and set up a perfectly timed hip toss earlier in the fight to counter Mir in the clench along the fence. Ultimately it was the punching power that was the difference for Fedor against the legend Frank Mir.

Fedor has won 6 out of 7 fights and immediately after the win was confronted by the AMERICAN GANGSTER Chael Sonnen, who was sitting cage side in anticipation of who would be his next opponent after a victory over Rampage Quentin Jackson earlier in the year.  Shouting Sonnen replied,

“I think the only thing I hate more than being right here in Chicago is being in this ring with you,” Sonnen stated directing his insults towards Fedor. “And I assure you the next time I am, it will not be for long!”


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