USADA came in, and the Testosterone Replacement Therapy exemptions that were given to athletes previously to compete disappeared.  One fighter who looked significantly different during the TRT era has been Vitor Belfort.  At one time Vitor was legally able to utilize testosterone therapy to maintain a physical fitness of an athlete in their late 20’s while he was actually much older.

Having fought out his UFC contract last weekend in Rio Vitor Belfort suffered a disappointing loss in the first round to Lyoto Machida at UFC 224, a UFC event headlined by Amanda Nunes V Raquel Pennington which is believed to be the lowest selling PPV for the promotion in the past 10 years. Belfort who revealed following the fight that he had a significant injury to his knee, chose to compete instead of withdrawing from the fight.

The following photo was posted on the wife of Vitor Belfort’s Instagram.  While there is no update that Vitor Belfort is again going to participate in Testosterone replacement therapy, Anti aging clinics such as the one posted ofter prescribe Human Growth Hormone, Testosterone Creams, and other prescriptions that are on the banned list for USADA.  Now that Vitor Belfort is no longer contracted to the UFC it will be interesting if he remains voluntarily in the USADA testing program.

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