Naoya Inoue’s legend just keeps growing.  The Japanese Boxing icon survived a 1st round scare by Luis Nery who dropped him with a well timed punch in the first round, to go on to defeat the challenger and defend his Boxing Championships in front of a sold out stadium of 45,000 fans.

Undisputed at super Bantamweight Naoya Inoue overcame Mexico’s Luis Nery’s power inside the Tokyo Dome to put together a stellar KO finish of his own.  Speaking of the 1st round knockdown “as a boxer, when that happens to you, it fires you up, it gave me a lot of energy.”

The Tokyo Dome played home to one of Boxing’s biggest upsets when Buster Douglas defeated Mike Tyson as a 42-1 underdog, however a win over Inoue by Nery would have been almost as monumental as the Japanese Champion has grown into a National icon. Speaking to the press Inoue went on to say “There was a lot of pressure on me as the main event in the first boxing at Tokyo Dome in 34 years, but it gave me strength.”  With the win Inoue improved his record to 27-0 with an amazing 24 KO’s on his resume.  Inoue and Terence Crawford are the only two men to ever become undisputed in two separate weight classes.

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