This weekend Sunday August 29th Paul took the victory against Woodley by split decision from 3 different judges. The fighters Paul and Wooodley are well known for their fighting career.  Woodley, is the  former UFC welterweight champion, he wrestled at All American and was champion for 12 years had his first boxing fight against Jake Paul who has had multiple boxing fights already and who is also known for his  massive popular YouTube following. Jake Paul has already knocked out the one of the UFC champs Ben Askren, he has also K’Od the  NBA player Nate Robinson and other fighters too. Jake Paul’s boxing career also  launched up after he knowcked out the former UFC champion and wreslter Ben Askren in the 1st round of their fight. And this weekend he was able to win this close fight against Tyron Woodley who had his first boxing match this weekend against the champion. Paul claims that he is actually going to be one of the best boxers to exist and that his name is going to be well known throughout the sport. 

Cris Cyborg is also speaking about sometime in the next year or two, doing a boxing fight in her career just to check it out and see how she does. Cyborg has trained with various different boxing people like her coach Vergil Ortiz Sr. who is the dad of Vergil Ortiz Jr, that is well known in the boxing world and is going to get even bigger in the next year due to his upcoming fights, Cyborg has also trained with Maricela Cornejo, Claressa Shields, Rachel Miller and more boxers in the sport who are well known for their skills and abilities. Cris Cyborg and Maricela Cornejo trained together today at Cris Cyborg’s private facility in Huntington Beach, California. f you want to know more about the grandslam champion Cris Cyborg her trainings, her personal life, fight camps, preparation for fights, Cyborg Nation events, PinkBelts,  Cyborg’s pets and  more follow her on Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, her Youtube channels which is criscyborg. Make sure to stay tuned in all of her social medias to know when news come out and when her fight next.

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