3x World Champion Cris Cyborg has joined forces with MMA heavyweight Justin Wren and his charitable non profit Fight For The Forgotten (FFTF) to help empower two villages in Uganda Africa with access to safe drinking water. Working with Justin Wren and FFTF, Cyborg had an opportunity to help provide two much needed water wells helping support a community development project already in progress.

Justin speaking about the project,  explained; “We are working this year to get the Batwa Pygmy people titles to new land, empower a team of local entrepreneurs to drill their own water wells, and launch a sustainable farming initiative that will both put food in their bellies and allow them to sell their produce at the market. We are stoked that Cris has decided to fight for people alongside us!”

Cris Cyborg heads to Uganda to fight for clean water!

Cyborg will be partially funding the FFTF’s newest community development initiative for the Batwa Pygmies, who some anthropologists have called the most oppressed people in the world. Along with in-country partners, Wren and Fight for the Forgotten have lobbied on behalf of the Batwa Pygmies with the local government and are excited to have their backing. Fight For The Forgotten is currently acquiring land rights in Uganda for the Batwa Pygmies, and Cyborg is funding the first two water wells on the new land.

Justin “The Big Pygmy” Wren was introduced to the water crisis firsthand in 2011, when he stepped away from the cage to live for a year with a forgotten tribe of Mbuti Pygmies deep in the jungles of the Congo. The tribe was beaten down by economic enslavement, disease, and hopelessness. But through Justin’s Fight for the Forgotten initiative, 1,500 members of this formerly enslaved people group are now free and flourishing on 2,470 acres of their own land with access to clean water and their own farms.

“When I heard of Justin’s work in Africa it really touched my heart. It’s amazing to see how his work is empowering the local communities by creating progress and change,” says Cyborg. “Globally more than three million people die each year from water-related diseases, so when the opportunity to get involved became available I knew this was a cause God was putting in my heart.”

Cyborg will be traveling to Uganda to meet with the Batwa Pygmy tribe for the grand opening of the water wells with Justin Wren and his FFTF foundation, The initial plans are to document the experience and release a series for Youtube sharing the experience, if any companies are interested in participating in the Cyborg Nation on Location video series, they can email [email protected] for sponsorship options.




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