I am thrilled to announce my partnership with Crypto Currency PIVX ahead of UFC 232.  PIVX is a digital currency similar to DASH which uses Blockchain technology that is transferred around the globe in the blink of an eye with almost no existent transaction fees, however PIVX is the first proof of stake coin with the zero coin protocol (zPIV) and zero coin stacking (zPOS) including a new Proof of Stake algorithm that provides unparalleled privacy, speed transactions, and low transaction costs.

PIVX is an abbreviation for Private instant Verified Transaction, and it’s a privacy centric cryptocurrency and full-feature POS currency that allows users to lock PIVX coins on the blockchain and earn rewards.  PIVX is a next-generation cryptocurrency with a priority on decentralization, privacy and real wold adoption as a payment system.  To read more about PIVX Vs. DASH Click Here.

Cyborg becomes the first UFC Athlete to be sponsored by PIVX, however joins professional surfer Tarnea O’Meara and both a Polish Soccer Team and Dutch Field Hockey team as ambassadors of the Cryptocurrency.

Combining PIVX with people’s passion for sports is a win-win. It lowers the barrier to entry by connecting something complex and new like cryptocurrency to something comfortable that people already trust like an athlete or their favorite sports,” the PIVX team said.

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