Claressa Shields is back doing to media rounds, and of course she continues to use Cris Cyborg’s name in the lead up to her own return to the sport of Boxing to promote her fights.  Shields who is fighting at 175lbs in the Heavyweight division against  Vanessa Lepage-Joanisse, an opponent with 2,500 IG followers and 52 followers on “X” in her return to the Little Caesars Arena in Detroit for the Heavyweight WBC championship belt.

Speaking to MMA Mania, Claressa Shields had this to say,“People from Saudi reached out to me about having money for me and her to have a boxing match. They were considering it to be like a Tyson Fury vs. [Francis] Ngannou,” Shields began. “I called her up and was like, ‘Hey. This is what we got,’ because we were friends. I let her know the money’s on the table. I gave her the weight class, 154. That’s the lowest that I’ve fought at in boxing and then I thought me and Cris were good and I gave her the guy’s number, her and her team talked to the guy, and then all of the sudden the guy’s calling like, ‘Cris doesn’t want to fight. She said she wants to fight you at 147 or at 145.”

“I’m not going down that low, I’ve never been down there,” she continued. “This is an opportunity that came from me so, of course, I’m gonna pick the weight class. I didn’t tell her to come to ‘60. I said fight me at 154. Me and Cris both walk around at the same weight. 170-175. So, for her to make it seem like 147 is just the best thing to do is like no, it’s not. It’s actually draining me of my power and not making it be a fair fight even though it’s like if I wanted to make 147 I could. It’s the fact of like, why?”

Cyborg took the time to reply on X , “If the opportunity came from her then why she still not fought boxing there (SAUDI)!? Her next fight she’s fighting 175lbs. I was 157 with my uniform for last weekends boxing fight in London. That’s 18 pounds. If she wants to make this fight she can hire a nutritionist.”

If Claressa can make 147 pounds, and she wants to make any relevant fights, it appears  she is eventually going to have to do exactly that as all of the compelling matchups are at 147lbs.  Cyborg won her 4th boxing fight scoring a 2nd round KO over the previously undefeated Aria Wild at Crypto Fight Night in London England.

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