The next Cyborg Nation event was announced today on Instagram. And is it official guys, our next event is going to be taking place December 18th and is going to be the last event of the year which means that you can’t miss it.  Our last event was a success with a ton of exciting fights and crazy good fighters that put on a show for you fans to watch. The last event on October 21st we had only women fighting in the card due to October Pink. The fights were amazing and every girl gave their best out there and did what they could. We have not yet announced the fights for this next event but stay tuned on the website and on Nacao Cyborg Fights IG to know who is going to be fighting who in the next event that is coming up in the next couple of weeks. In this last event, we had some beasts fighting! In this event, we are also going to have many other fighters from Brazil and other fighters from all over the world that are given the opportunity to be in Cris Cyborg’s event and get a chance of showing off their skills for the public to watch. In the last event, we had the fight of Elisandra Ferreira vs. Maria Ribeiro who took the L against Ferreira by a unanimous decision and many more fights went on at the last event. e also had the fight of Claudia Leite vs. Tayna Lamounier where Leite won with a beautiful submission of a rear-naked choke on the 5th round with only forty seconds left for the fight to finish and go to the judge’s decision. And our biggest KO of the fight was of the great fighter Sarah Barwick who won the fight in the second round!


If you want to know more about the event and the fighter make sure to follow the event’s socials like Instagram and their website too. Also, make sure to stay tuned on Cyborg’s socials to know more about the events and to know more about her upcoming fight, training, and more.


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