David Haye will not have his revenge in the ring, as Tony Bellew repeated his performance-looking even better the second time around against British Boxing icon David Haye. Haye was lucky to survive the third round as he was dropped twice by Bellew before the ref eventually saved him in the 5th round as Haye was knocked to the floor again. The victory was the second stoppage over Haye for Bellew.

Hay looked to have an injury to his right leg, something similar to the first fight, and was having difficulty using effective ring movement. Bellew a former Liverpool doorman forced referee Howard Foster to stop the fight as Haye was clearly outmatched from the opening bell as an aggressive Bellew kept the attack coming.

Following the fight Bellew said, “I just want to say I lost my brother-in-law in August and I swear to God he was watching me and he was there with me tonight for every punch. Ashley that was for you. I miss him so much. I’m broke. All week I’ve been on my own in the hotel and each night I’ve cried.” Bellew will no doubt move up the rankings with this impressive performance, and with that move on to even bigger paydays.

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