Roberto Satoshi De Souza put on a career defining performance in Japan at Rizin ‘Landmark Vol. 9’ as he put away K-taro in under 2 minutes of the 1st round. The light weight champion of Rizin absolutely battered the UFC veteran with strikes in a non title fight which took place inside of the cage. The end which came from a headkick and punches was completed with a series of soccer kicks before K-taro got back to his feet. Sub Ref Masato Fukuda called a stop to the fight.

Following the victory the brazilian fighter de Souza proposed to his girlfriend who accepted. The event which took place inside of a cage also featured a k1 fight between Buakaw Banchamek and Minoru Kimura of Brazil. The bout was scheduled for 3 rounds of 3 minutes however Buakaw secured the KO victory at 1:10 of the 2nd round.

other Big winners on the card included Rena Kubota securing a decision victory over You Ri Shim. Submission highlight of the night was Yuya Shibata who secured a kneeler tap over Erson Yamamoto 1:45 into the 1st round. Rizin is the premier mixed martial arts fighting promotion in Japan.

Cyborg who has often spoken about her desires to fight in Japan will be making her return April 27th in Green Bay Wisconsin as the main event of Green Bay Fight Night. Tickets are currently on sale HERE.

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