When Conor McGregor was preparing for his boxing debut against Floyd Mayweather he arranged to have Pauli Malignaggi come in to help him ‘prepare’ for the fight.  In reality, according to Malignaggi what happened was McGregor pulled him into the gym immediately after stepping off a flight and brought a team of camera crews to film the sparring.

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The sparring session was eventually made into a highlight video, with 95% of the highlights being in favor of Conor McGregor, which infuriated Pauli Malignaggi to the point that he left the camp, and implied that McGregor was only using the footage to promote himself as a ‘legit boxer’- Malignaggi went on to say he won most of the rounds, asking for the full un edited footage to be released, which never went public. Now speaking to Fight Hub TV Paulie pulls no punches with is words.

“The only thing he’s knocking down these days are metal beams and poles. He’s not knocking down human beings, I promise you that. Not with that bitch ass power.”

“If this was just a one time thing, I’d say maybe he had a bad day. But, he jumped in the cage at Bellator. Then he got into that whole brawl in that bar in Ireland… And now [the bus attack]. So, I think when you put it together, I don’t think it’s out of line to think this guy’s a pretty big cokehead”

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