If you needed more reasons to love Neil Mangy, we just found 15,000 more. The perennial top 10 weltwerweight for the UFC was forced to take a last minute replacement when his original opponent Gunnar Nelson was forced out of the fight in Liverpool due to injury.

Magny who ended up facing Craig White who was making his UFC debut won by impressive performance, and with that secured the money to help a local girl named Presley Mae O’Doherty who has been dealing with a rare medical condition that is recessive, and incredibly difficult to treat called spinal muscular atrophy.

Speaking to UFC.Com Magny talked about how he saw her GofundMe page and started to realize the drastic situation her family was in. He said he always contributes in the past when its something he is comfortable about, and that now he’s in a position where he is able to help and he can. It was a great interview on UFC.Com and gave fans a rare opportunity to see what type of person Niel Magny is outside of the cage.

Magny who was impressive in his UFC performance in Liverpool quickly called out surging welterweight Usman after his win.  Currently the UFC hasn’t made any announcements about who will fight next, but this would be a compelling fight in the division.

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