Las Vegas is one of those places where I have the hardest time staying away from the temptations that are known as “ALL YOU CAN EAT” casino buffets, lol…A good weekend in Vegas consuming poor nutrition can really set back your training efforts even if you don’t have any alcohol during your visit to Sin City. Eat Healthy When in Las Vegas!  I try my best to eat clean most of the year, and now that I am traveling to Las Vegas, home of the UFC more often I love the ease of healthy selection that is available at the Protein House.  If live in Vegas, or are just visiting…make sure you check out my friend, Fitness Model Larissa Reis’s original Protein House location!!

I love working with Protein House because the food, it really is the reality, the reality of my everyday, When I’m in Vegas with a fight it is easy for me to send them my diet and they will prepare my meals for me. It’s great because when I’m in Vegas I don’t have to change my food with Protein House, their food is clean like the food I eat all teh time for myself, clean and healthy food. There are so many great meals at the Protein House, I don’t get to eat it all the time but I love the Burger. For Breakfast I love the Protein Pancakes, obviously a place like the PROTEIN HOUSE is going to make the best Protein Pancakes in Vegas! Eat healthy in Las Vegas!

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