THIS SATURDAY, Aug 12th from 9am-8pm come spend the day training with Cris Cyborg! This camp is open to WOMEN ONLY, and is friendly for those new to fitness or martial arts! Have fun training self defense, Muay Thai, while enjoying friendships and women celebrating life with one another!  This will be a rare opportunity to meet and spend the day with Cris Cyborg as part of her official PINKBELT FITNESS crew!

The day will start at 9am with a meet and introduction led by Cris Cyborg, we will then enjoy a few ice breakers to get to know one another before having our first warmup and workout.  Workouts are done in 3 different groups beginner, intermediate, and advanced so you will always have someone at your same skill and fitness level to help motivate you to keep pushing, and most importantly stay motivated with.  From conditioning we will break back into a large group and have a guest instructor present a self defense class specifically designed for women.  For lunch everyone will meet at a local favorite of Cris Cyborg’s before returning back to the training site to enjoy Acai provided by our favorite Socal Acai Republic shop in Tustin California.

Call 714-661-6655 to register today!

We will get things started back with another energizer before bringing in another guest instructor for the Muay Thai training.  Participants are encouraged to bring gloves and shin pads if they own them.  Following the Muay Thai training we have a few games and prizes to give away before an evening yoga session from our final guest instructor.  Evening will include a healthy nutritious DACIK meal, with both meat and vegan options.  We will have water provided by Kangen Water, however we encourage all the women to bring extra water, drinks, snacks, sunscreen, towels, beach games, and their muay thai gear if they have it.  This will be an all day event at the beach so plan accordingly!

TO REGISTER YOU MUST CALL &!$-661-6655 and speak to Cindy directly. There are no more email registrations available!! This event is closing soon!! Do Not wait if you are serious about wanting to meet and train with Cris Cyborg on Saturday!


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