When reports first started surfacing that Conor McGregor was attacking the Barclay Center many people suspected that the UFC knew he was in the building and going to cause some trouble.  How else did the team get into the back loading dock area, and why was there so many cameras and UFC PR team around McGregor when the incident occurred?

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While Dana White called the idea that they would do such a stunt for marketing ridiculous according to Khabib it doesn’t seem that far fetched.  Nurmagomedov was speaking to Russia’s Match TV when he answered the question about wether the UFC new what was going to happen at UFC 223.

There is no way of knowing who know what or when they knew it. original reports where that no one knew McGregor was in New York, however additional reports came out that he was expected to announce a return against RDA for the Interim 170lbs UFC belt

“Could the situation with McGregor happen with the consent of the head of UFC White? Everything can be. I don’t know.”

“I was locked inside the bus and was not let out, and they did not let him in. Such a little clownery was. I’m not used to such things. Where I grew up, we decide questions a little differently. Perhaps you saw that a couple of days before that – I like a direct approach, if you want to tell me something, you have to tell me in person. But they chose other “conversations”.”

“All this show, clownery. It’s hard to comment. Would I like to get out? Of course. All my family and friends know that I would not only go out. What should I do to fight with McGregor? I do not have to do anything. I am the champion here, at this weight; there are no more temporary, fake champions, nor those champions who do not protect the belt for two years.”

“The champion is now the one who fought twice in the last three months. I am here to protect the belt and after Ramadan I will start heavy training. Then we’ll see. As the UFC decides, we will do.”

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