This next Cyborg nation is going to be October 25th and is going to be an all women event due to October being the breast cancer month! In this event we are going to have some crazy good girls fighting in the amateur card and in the main card. In the main card we are going to have Lili Ferreira vs. Aline Pires, Nicolle Calliari vs. Bruna Brasil, Thayna Trator vs. Claudia Leite too, and if you want to watch the live that is on Cris’s IG you can of her interviewing these fighters. Cris is also going to be interviewing a couple more girls from the event in the next couple of weeks so you guys can get to know the girls more and know more about their career and training in Brazil. We are also going to have Mayara Thais “Cangaceira” vs. Maria Ribeiro, Carol Kerr vs. Leydi Dai, and Stefane Lopes vs. Kethylen Rothenburg  who are also going to be fighting in the main card of the event. The last event was a sucess too, we had some great fights and everything was just perfect! the weigh ins were really good.

If you are a fighter and you want to fight at NCF make sure to go to ncfights.com and put your information and everything needed for you to be part of the event and if you want to sponsor the event you can also put your information at the website and be part of the Cyborg Nation family !Cris Cyborg is a world MMA champion, today fighting in Bellator. Cris Cyborg has 4 different belts including  a Bellator, UFC, Invicta and Strikeforce belt.  Cyborg was born in Curitba, Brazil and now lives in Huntington Beach, California. Cris started to get involved in sports when she was around 15, she started with Handball and one day a MMA coach from a well known gym in Brazil named Chute Boxe saw her training and she ended up loving it so much that she decided to make her own event with her brother Rafael Venancio Justino called Nacao Cyborg. Make sure to follow Cris on her social media and make sure to stay tuned on Cris’s socials such as her Youtube channel, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to know more about the upcoming event!

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