Cris Cyborg is the only Grand Slam Champion in the sport of Mixed Martial Arts, and having crossed over into professional boxing she is now the a true two-sport combat sports superstar with over 15,000 fans attending her last boxing fight in Omaha Nebraska.

Among the fans who attended the fight was little child hero Bridger Walker who in 2020 made national headlines when he jumped in between his little sister and a vicious German Shepard dog preventing his sister from being attacked by putting himself in harms way.

Now more than 2 years removed from that dog attack incident, young hero Bridger Walker traveled with his family to Omaha Nebraska to be part of Cris Cyborg’s fight week and to watch the Grand Slam Champion earn her 2nd pro boxing victory while collecting his new born puppy from World renown breeder Chico Lopez from Cyborg who was ‘puppy sitting’ the week of the fight as Chico brought her new ‘Canelo’ puppy.  Handing Bridger his new dog, Cyborg was rewarded with a heartfelt smile when young Brindger announced his new puppy would poundly be called ‘Cyborg’


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