The podcast Cris Cyborg filmed prior to her Bellator 300 Co Main event against Cat Zingano has been released on Spotify and all other Podcast networks.  Joining son of legendary rocker Ozzy Osbourne, Cris Cyborg discovered that Jack Osbourne himself trains in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and had competed in Muay Thai bouts in Thailand.

Sharing stories of the supernatural, and candidate conversation about her career, and more this is a must watch podcast for anyone who is a Cris Cyborg fan and claims #CyborgNation

In the latest episode of “Ghosts and Grit,” Jack Osbourne sits down with special guest Cris Cyborg as they delve into Cyborg’s remarkable journey in her illustrious 18-year MMA career. They take a behind-the-scenes look at Cyborg’s first fight and the profound moment she realized her true calling as a champion. The discussion goes beyond the octagon as Cyborg opens up about the challenges she faced while transitioning from Brazil to America and the unwavering determination and grit it took to chase her dreams. Cyborg speaks on her relationships with other influential figures in the MMA world, from Leslie Smith to Holly Holm, Arlene Blencowe, Cat Zingano and her aspiration for a rematch with the now-retired Amanda Nunes. Beyond her accomplishments in the sport, Cyborg delves into the deeper meaning of being a champion and the impact she strives to make outside of the ring, discussing her charitable work in Uganda. Exploring Cyborg’s personal journey, Jack leans into her faith and beliefs, highlighting how they have provided strength during challenging times. In true ‘Ghosts and Grit’ fashion, Cyborg recounts an intriguing story of Brazilian voodoo, offering a glimpse into her very own paranormal experiences. The conversation takes an unexpected turn as they delve into Cyborg’s other passions, including her personal zoo at home. From miniature pigs to chickens, and future plans for a miniature cow, Jack and Cyborg discuss the profound healing and support that comes from connecting with animals.  Don’t miss her experience with Stem Cell treatments from BioXcellerator

For those just tuning in, join Jack Osbourne, adventurer, producer, and host extraordinaire, as he shares his thoughts on a medley of topics spanning adventure, survival, paranormal experiences, and beyond. With compelling weekly episodes, Jack welcomes a host of intriguing guests for in-depth conversations, taking you along for a wild ride into his unique world. With each episode, he brings forth extraordinary individuals who have confronted their own demons, both literal and metaphorical, unearthing profound insights into their incredible resilience, grit and the unbreakable human spirit. This one-of-a-kind podcast promises an unparalleled experience, fueled by Jack’s boundless curiosity, fearless approach, exceptional guests, and uncensored discussions that will leave you captivated week after week.

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