in 2014 almost a decade ago several former UFC fighters started the process of filing a class action lawsuit against the company with fighters such as Cung Le, Nate Quarry and others accusing the UFC of being a Monopsony.  The lawsuit stated that the UFC diligently purchased the competitors in an effort to drive down overall total fighter pay.

The lawsuit has been essentially on hold for several years as other avenues such as having Representative Mark Wayne Mullin attempt at bringing the Muhammad Ali act to MMA, however there has been very little success in terms of the fighters moving forward with protection.

United Staes district court judge Richard Boulware has now officially given the fighters something to cheer about as he has moved the lawsuit forward,  additionally giving the fighters the certified “Bout class” which will allow fighters that competed in the UFC from December 2010 to June 2017 to be eligible to receive damages resulting from the UFC’s stranglehold on the sport.    This class action lawsuit is expected to cover fighters who se images were used by ZUFFA for merchadise, video games, and due to the specific class certification all 12000 fighters that competed in that near seven year window will be enrolled as plantiffs.   With the fighters seeking 811 to 1.6 billion in damages the plaintiffs could be in for a lot of cash.

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