Cris Cyborg took the win home against Arlene Blencowe for the second time. The fight war won by unanimous decision with a clear victory for the Grandslam champion who dominated in all rounds. Cris Cyborg just continues to get better. Proving she is entering into the prime of her career, Cyborg Justino put on one of the most dominant performances of her career after a great night defeating 2x World Boxing Champion and #1 featherweight contender Arlene Blencowe in the 2nd round via RNC submission.  Blencowe who has more fight experience than the Grand Slam Champion came into the fight confident and well prepared with Greg Jackson in her corner along with UFC fighter Tyson Pedro.

Justine Kish is part of the Cyborg Nation family and is a huge part of Cris Cyborg’s camp since she has been helping Cris in her last couple of camps and last fights training. Justine is a great fighter and has huge experience with Muay Thai since she had so many fights before. This opportunity was really good for Kish since she has not had a victory .in a while

Justine’s fight was a very exciting fight since both athletes have a unique style of fighting however not many girls in her division have the power, strength, and cardio that she has. Justine is a really high-level Muay Thai fighter with really good punches, kicks, knees, and elbows in her division, however, she lacks some of the jiu-jitsu and wrestling that some of the girls in the division have. Due to all of that, sge won her last fight 3-0 which was scored by all judges.

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