The ABC which is the Assocition of Boxing Commissions and Combative Sports has started a new initiative which will be known as the “Athlete’s voice committee” which the purpose of giving fighters a better opportunity to connect with sanctioning bodies and regulators.  Details from the press release included that the committee will help fighters “Who wish to better understand vital issues such as how scoring works, appeal rights, contractual literacy workshops, regulatory rights regarding managers and any other educational opportunities that can advance fighter interests i the sport.”

Mike Mazzulli who is current president of the ABC had this to say, “”The ABC hopes this committee will allow all fighters to understand the sport from a regulatory standpoint. At weigh in I ask fighters questions related to rules and regulations and it is apparent to me a majority of combative participants do not have clear knowledge of the rules and scoring criteria.  This committee will also allow fighters a voice at the table.”

Currently the only two athletes named for the committee are UFC Veteran Din Thomas and former UFC Champion Carlos Newton with 5 more athletes still to be nominated for the committee.  Speaking of the committee Thomas had this to say, “I’m so proud to be a part of this historical moment for our community and I’m honored to help where I can.” Also speaking to the media was Carlos Newton who added, “I would rather fight for the future than relive the past.”

This is a great step in the right direction by the ABC, as currently no promotion has an established fighter board of representation.

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