In a public press release the Abu Dhabi Combat Club submission grappling competition has come out with a formal announcement in terms of their rules and regulations in regards to transgender athletes who wish to compete in ADCC tournaments in the future.

Per the press release Athletes will need to compete in the Biological sex classification assigned to them at birth when they register in their divisions.  The ADCC policy will not allow for any exceptions to the biological sex classification.  The grappling organization also went on to say that any violation or attempt to circumvent this policy could result in a lifetime ban from all ADCC sanctioned events.

The decision was made “in an ongoing commitment to fotering a fair and inclusive sporting enviornment.  After thoughtful deliberation, ADCC has established a policy that requires athlets to register and compete in the division that aligns with their biological sex.”

Cyborg who won a Bronze medal in the ADCC World Championships had this to say about the ruling, “I am glad to see ADCC committed to protecting women’s sports at all costs.  The fundamentals of fairness are represented by this decision.”


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