One Championship have started a Hibred SUPERSERIES edition of Muay Thai, where the combatants wear 4oz MMA gloves, and instead of competing inside of a ring, have Muay Thai fights inside of the cage–similar to John Wayne Parr’s revolutionary Caged Muay Thai.

Sam A Gaiyanghadao captured the One Super Series Muay Thai flyweight world championship by knocking out Sergio Wielzen of the Netherlands in the 4th round with a great display of Muay Thai striking.  Wielzen started aggressive trying to utilize effective leg kicks however Sam-A replied with his own devastating left kicks to the body, torso, and arms of Wielzen.

Sam-A was able to use his experience and timing as he started to catch and block most of the attacks and respond with his own clinical counters.  Sam-A started to really separate himself with the competition and began utilizing throws from the Thai clench and sweeps off Wielzen’s offense to build a commanding lead.

In the fourth round when the Thai fighter turned up the pressure fans really started to see the difference in the skill level as Sam-A put his punches together and started utilizing his elbow strikes with precision.  In the fourth round during one of the tie ups Sam-A was able to land a beautiful elbow which started the TKO series that ultimately was finished with a left hand, up elaborate left-right elbow combination.

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