For many fans Art Jimmerson will forever be infamous with his ‘1’ mma fight despite a career of almost 50 professional boxing fights.  Retired boxer At Jimmerson who infamously wore 1 boxing glove into the cage for his fight with Royce Gracie at UFC 1 has passed away wednesday night according to a statement made by his daughter to ESPN.

33-18 as a professional boxer, Jimmerson competed in the UFC as a challenge of Style Vs Style when he stepped into the cage in 1993.  The event which billed Martial arts style vs style fight eventually grew into the sport of mixed martial arts like fans witness today.

Are was a fixture in the St. Louis Missouri area and was a devoted christian who was known for his faith and positive presence.  Cyborg who met Art Jimmerson during Fedor’s retirement fight for Bellator MMA had this to say about Art, “I thank him for being a pioneer of this sport we call MMA that grew from Ultimate Fighting.  It is because of fighters like him that I am able to compete for a living and provide for my family.  Legends like him will live forever.”

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