Ronda Rousey is  one of the biggest stars the sport of Mixed Martial Arts has ever seen, but possibly as huge a her meteoric rise to stardom was her decline in favoritism with the fans.  An absolute star who was capable of selling out stadiums, Rousey eventually faded into obscurity after two defeats.

Rousey who infamously hid behind a pillow following her loss to Holly Holm, which is considered one of the greatest upsets in the history of the sport, waited an entire year before making her return against Amanda Nunes and losing in the first round.

Rousey who told Jake Humphrey and Damian Hughes on the High Performance podcast that she feels very “vilified by MMA media” and wouldn’t be “welcome back” fearing she would be booed if she attended a UFC fight by the fans.

Rousey who infamously used Cris Cyborg during her StrikeForce build up before dropping to 135lbs went on to compete for the WWE however the fans in the wrestling entertainment industry treated her as a heel rather than a babyface which eventually lead to her leaving the industry.

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