MMA fighter Adriano Mamute was stabbed to death in Belem Brazil. The suspects where trying to rob him at his place of residence at 1130Pm on Tuesday when 3 individuals knocked on his back door wearing masks to hid their face.  Realizing it was a robbery, Mamute quickly attempted to close the door before running back into his house in an attempt to protect his wife and 9 year old child.

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The robbers gained entry into the house, locating Mamute in the back room attempting to protect his family.  while attempting to calm the robbers down, Mamute was shot in the face, falling to the floor still alive as the robbers demanded the families cell phones.

As the robbers where leaving the house, they noticed that Mamute while shot in the face, was still alive on the floor, and upon exiting the residence grabbed a knife to continue finishing the murder they started.  Adriano Mamute was a veteran of over 30 professional fights, and was a marine electrician by profession.  At this time there are no known subjects, and the police are actively trying to solve the murder.

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