UFC Fight Night happened on January 22 and the fight of Michel Pereira vs. Andre Fialho, and Michel was the one that took the win. Michel’s last fight was in July of 2021 against Niko Price and was won by decision and he has also won his three last fights that were against Niko Price, Kallin Williams, Zelim Imadaev. He has a record of 26-11-2 and has fought many huge fighters before like Diego Sanchez, Danny Roberts, and more. And he is now going to be fighting Andre Fialho. He has a record of 14-4 and it was really great. He has fought many great guys like Giovanni Diniz, Rick Reger, A.J Matthews, Javier Torres. The fight was won by decision after five long rounds.

The champion Pereira is currently training at Overcome, where the coach Rafael Alejarra coaches at. The gym is the house for many great fighters like Michel Pereira who is a well-known UFC fighter from Brazil and is a great gym to work cardio and preparation as well as other mixed martial arts that exist there. Rafael Alejarra is a great MMA conditioning coach that has been working with the champion since the beginning of Cris Cyborg’s career from Brazil to now. Rafael Alejarra got an award twice for being the best conditioning coach in the world, and 2x the Ultimate fighter coach. He owns the gym located in Vegas, Nevada. Alejarra also has a gym with Renzo Gracie that teaches Jiu-Jitsu and has conditioning training too.

 Also, make sure to follow Rafael Alejarra on his Instagram and the gym’s IG support Alejarra’s new gym in Vegas with Renzo Gracie and his own gym Overcome to know more about his work, training, and more. And also make sure to follow the fighters that are on the event and us that share the news with you. If you want to know more about the grand slam champion Cris Cyborg, her training, her personal life, fight camps, preparation for fights, Cyborg Nation events, PinkBelts,  Cyborg’s pets and more follow her on Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, her Youtube channels which is Cris cyborg. Make sure to stay tuned in all of their social media to know when news comes out. And if you guys want to know more about the Pinkbelts and the NC Fights.

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