Crazy knock outs are nothing new in the career of Cris Cyborg, but working with her brother Rafael Justino, Cris has branched into fight promotions with a very successful series of Nacão Cyborg events featuring mixed combat cards inside of a ring, or cage.  The fight cards have showcased MMA, BJJ, Muay Thai, K1, Nogi, Amateur and Pro fights to sold out crowds.

Currently the Nacão Cyborg event has a Brazilian state attendance record for a non MMA event with their latest edition.  With a pause in promotion due to the Coronavirus pandemic, once fights return to action Nacão Cyborg will commence with a scheduled Bantamweight GP, awarding a Bellator MMA contract to winner.

*REMINDER* Thursday Cris Cyborg is back with her daughter to lead an AT HOME fitness training session which is equipment not required!  Every exercise is done for time instead of repetition giving you the ability to work at your own pace.  They are all functional movements without any additional requirements for fitness training equipment.  Weight loss, strength increase, endurance and more are the function–however you should seek approval from you physician as a healthy person before participating.  Register for Thursday’s Online Class by Subscribing HERE.

Cris Cyborg is the only Grand Slam Champion in the history of the sport of Mixed Martial Arts having won every major world championship in the sport; Bellator, UFC, Invicta, and Strikeforce world championships.  13 years undefeated, Cris Cyborg has been ranked #1 at featherweight by ESPN longer than any other female fighter in the history of their pound for pound rankings.

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