Today we finally got to see the artwork behind the UFC’s huge Year End event in Las Vegas which will be UFC 219!  Tickets are currently on sale for the Tmobile arena, with the main event of Cris Cyborg Vs. Holly Holm, the woman who ko’d Ronda Rousey expected to bring a sold out crowd New Years weekend in Las Vegas.

Tickets are on sale now!

If you are not going to be able to make it to Las Vegas, make your party plans now and have them include UFC 219!  With the UFC fights happening on Dec. 30th, lots of friends and families are planning #CYBORGNATION viewing parties.  If you don’t have enough friends free on the 30th to invite everyone over to your house, you can still watch the phone at one of our favorite Buffalo Wild Wiing’s locations….or use the AMAZING FITE TV APP.  You can now watch the UFC 219 fights direct to your phone, or smart device and watch it at real time speed.  The stream is just like the UFC TV PPV, because you are not STEALING IT!  The Fite TV platform is a great way to watch the fights from your phone, so no matter where you are at Sat. dec. 30th, there is no excuse to miss Cyborg Vs. Holm if you are a true member of CYBORGNATION!

Order the UFC 219 PPV direct to your phone, you can pay now and watch Dec. 30th where you go! Click here!

As many of you know, I have started the #CYBORGFITNESSCHALLENGE on the Better Human App. If you haven’t signed up for this challenge you still have time. I will send you a big portion of my cardio fitness conditioning program ahead of UFC 219, and you can do the workouts along side me.  The BHA has a lot of features in the premium membership, however the PHOTO RECOGNITION feature is game changing.  Now when I am journaling my food progression for my nutritionist, I no longer have to write it into a book…I no longer have to type it on my phone…now with the Better Human App…all I am having to do is take a picture of the food to log my micro and macro’s for my coaches. The BHA also allows me to log my workouts and research other workouts.  If you haven’t downloaded the BHA app yet, don’t wait until after the fight to check it out…get in shape with me now…as I’m getting in shape for Holly Holm! Let’s both start the new years fit and lean. To get started with my Cyborg workout CLICK HERE and use the code: cyborg

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