Looks like even though Anderson Silva hasn’t been inside the octagon in awhile, that pop culture still hasn’t forgotten him–or more specifically–that horrific leg break he suffered against former UFC Champion Chris Weidman.  Silva who broke the leg in the rematch at UFC 168 after having suffered a loss at UFC 162 via KO, hasn’t been inside the octagon since a UFC 208 victory in Brooklyn against Derek Brunson.

The now 43 year old MMA legend who has a professional record of 34 wins and only 8 defeats has fought for the UFC, Cage Rage, PRIDE FC, Mecca, and Rumble on the rock.  While not retired, Anderson is currently dealing with a USADA investigation so his return to MMA is unknown, that didn’t stop Eminem from shouting him out on his new single “Caterpillar” by Royce da 5’9 feat. Eminem and King Green, Eminem decides to give his take on the shin shattering moment.

“You’re havin’ a little trouble fathomin’ this is actually happenin’
Like Anderson Silva back when he snapped his shin in half
And then had the shit hangin’ by a flap of skin
After he tried to plant the shit back on the mat again
Pad to pen I’m batty like eyelids when they’re blinkin’ a lot
You copy me, but you’re not”

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