Cris Cyborg’s Nacao Cyborg Combat is back for a 4th edition under promoter Rafael Justino on April 6th 2019 when the event will fill the famous Spazio Van concert hall in Curitiba Brazil.  A mixed combat sporting event fans get an opportunity to watch the leading amateurs and top professional prospect compete in MMA, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Nogi Submission Grappling.  Tickets are available at Zibrow Barber Shop and participating academies.

The main event of the evening will award the winner with the first ever Nacao Cyborg Combat Professional MMA Champion, in a flyweight bout between Silas Alves Vs Matheus Correia both of Parana Brazil.

The fourth edition of the Nacao Cyborg Combat takes place on April 6, 2019 in one of the most traditional concert halls in Curitiba. Spazio Van will be the stage for a high level event, married fights in amateur and professional rules of the following modalities: MMA, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu and Submission. Tickets are being sold at 25 reais at Zibrow Barber Shop and participating academies.

Founded in 2018 in Colombo, Nacao Cyborg Combat traveled to Camp Largo and Curitiba where it will be returning for the fourth event.

Nação Cyborg 4 – Alves vs. Correia
Saturday, April 6th 2019
Spazio Van Arena – Curitiba / PR


57 Kg: Matheus Correia vs. Silas Alves – disputa de cinturão peso mosca
66 Kg: Matheus Souza vs. Lucas Bento
66 Kg: Igor Soares vs. Edinelson “Alemão”
84 Kg: Matheus Henrique vs. Felipe Alves
66 KG: Leandro Light x Alisson Lyoto.


56 Kg: Dayane Cordova vs. Liana Pirosin
61 Kg: Rodrigo Caiçara vs. Juliano Ramos
75 Kg: Wesley “Preto” vs. Vander Guarais
70 Kg: Leonardo Silva vs. Fabulo Mamuth


61 Kg: Wellington “Ratinho” vs. Alisson Murilo
61 Kg: Patrícia “Pitbull” vs. Thaina Borges
52 Kg: Sarah Barwick vs. Gabriela Rodrigues


120 Kg: André Pesadelo vs. Everson Rocha “Macaco”
86 Kg: Nelson Filho vs. Rafael Ultramare


55 Kg: Ana Lúcia vs. Lucineli Wolski
55 Kg: Francisca Ribeiro vs. Diana Cipola
59 Kg: Carlos “Reloginho” vs. Douglas “Cabeleira”
50 Kg: Isabela Linoba vs. Miriam Lima
64 Kg: Ryan Tupã vs. Fábio “Ben 10”
65 Kg: Abenin Silva vs. Felipe Lima


60 Kg: Wellington Melo vs. Lucas Faustino

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