Cristiane Justino, better known for her ring name Cris Cyborg, is the sport of MMA’s only Grand Slam Champion with Championship belts in the Bellator MMA, UFC, Strikeforce, and Invicta FC promotions.

The 37-year-old is as of now preparing for her first professional boxing fight Sept. 25th in her hometown of Curitiba Brazil where she will fight Simone Silva for The Fight Music Show professional boxing belt at Superwelterweight

While being away from professional fights, Cris Cyborg spends her free time collaborating with other sports and learning more about American Football as she joined the LA Chargers in a training session. 

So, if you are a fan of football betting action, take a look at this curious story on how Cyborg met the team some years ago.

About Cris Cyborg

Cris Cyborg or Cristiane Justino is a professional mixed martial fighter that competes in Bellator MMA, and she is also a former UFC Strikeforce and Invicta FC World Featherweight Champion. What’s impressive is that Cris Cyborg is the first MMA Fighter in history, male or female, to become a Grand Slam Champion across four major mixed martial arts promotions.

She is without a doubt one of the greatest mixed martial artists of all time.

However, it didn’t start all that good for Cris Cyborg, in fact, she had a really tough early life, which probably inspired her to chase her fighting career.

She now lives in the USA but spent most of her time as a kid in Brazil active in sports. She always had an athletic spirit, but MMA wasn’t her first choice. In fact, she started her sports career at an age of 12 playing handball at a national level in Brazil.

Due to her instant success in handball, Justino received numerous athletic scholarships from private universities, and after her high school graduation, she decided to pursue the path of physical education. 

She planned to continue her handball career, but after being discovered by Rudimar Fedrigo, a Chute Boxe Academy trainer, who was impressed by her size and advised her to enter the world of fighting.

Cyborg started her professional career in fighting on May 17, 2005, against multiple-time world BJJ champion erica Paes. Cyborg lost her fight via submission in the first round, which remained her only professional loss in MMA until 2018.

Cris Cyborg Joins the LA Chargers Training Session

Recently, ‘Cyborg’ made an extraordinary visitor appearance at the Los Angeles Chargers training and set her very own portion football abilities up for anyone to see for the players. She was invited to join the Chargers in a training session at Jack Hammett Sports Complex just to get a taste of American Football, and she gladly took that offer.

We all know that the NFL is a contact sport that requires a lot of physical strength. To some degree, it is very similar to MMA, which is why the team invited one of the scariest female athletes in the world. 

Can you imagine what would a training session look like after Cyborg joins? – You’re right, it turns from football training sessions to wrestling in minutes.

Once she showed up on that day, most of the athletes were thrilled to meet her and took photos. The Wide receiver Keenan Allen also added “I Don’t want no problems” as a joke about her feared status in the MMA.

However, after a quick photo, it was time for some wrestling and showing up some moves. It seems like the wide receiver coach, Phil McGeoghan suffered the most as Justino hip toss him on the field like he was nothing. 

However, this wasn’t the first time she met Phil McGeoghan and some of the team. In fact, they had a long relationship after the wide receiver coach attended one of her fights 1 year prior to that training session.

At first glance it might have looked like a perk for Justino to go to the LA Chargers, it played out for both sides since many of the athletes were excited to meet her. Everyone got even more excited when Cyborg brought her flashy belt, at which moment everyone wanted a picture.

The offensive tackle Russell Okung stated: “We’re out here working to perfect our craft and we’re talking about winning our division. It’s great to see a champion. It’s great to see someone who’s been at the top before and she embodies that. I was really excited to meet her.”

Cyborg also said that he had a great time spending a day with the LA Chargers. She was glad that was introduced to the sport, just because she comes from Brazil, where the biggest sport is soccer, and they are not too familiar with American football.

She also added that she now understands the game and the technical part of it and that she sees a lot in common with MMA.

It is always great to see when two sports collide. Given that NFL and MMA share many similarities, and we’ve seen many NFL athletes becoming MMA fighters, these two sports have a lot in common. Athletes appreciate each other talents and abilities and they respect the hard work that goes into being one of the best in the world. This is why there will always be mutual respect when fighters like Cyborg enter the training field of any NFL team.

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