One of the great things about the Bitcoin conference is that it brings many of the world’s greatest minds together and gives everyone an opportunity to learn, discover, and grow from one another.

Much of the benefit from attending the Bitcoin Conference comes from small breakout discussions, side interviews, and after conference networking opportunities.  During this year’s BTC 2023 event; MMA Grand Slam Champion Cris Cyborg had the opportunity to join the Market Disruptors Youtube Channel led by Mark Moss for a sit down interview.

The Market Disruptors channel is officially ran by Mark Moss with the goal to help change the way people think about money.  Discussing macroeconomics and political economics including central bank policies, run-away money printing, inflation, and sound money principles including Bitcoin for more freedom, safety, and personal liberty it was a great opportunity for Cyborg to share her thoughts.

If you are interested in learning more about Bitcoin be sure to plan for the BTC 2024 conference taking place in Nashville Tennessee July of 2024. If you use code: Cyborg at check out you will save on your tickets!

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