While Cris Cyborg is in training camp for her 2nd professional boxing fight Dec. 10th in Omaha Nebraska, the Youtube team released a great video that was a throwback to her recent victory party over former Brazilian National Champion Simone Silva where MMA’s only Grand Slam Champion picked up the FMS Superwelterweight Women’s professional Championship belt with her performane.

Following the fight, when most athletes would celebrate their victory with a raging night out on the town at one of the major night clubs, Cyborg instead waited until the work week and during the busy Lunchtime hour on a Monday treated an entire community with Free Patel lunch.

Known for her community activism, Cyborg picked a local pastel stand and decided to purchase anyone who wished a free Pastel as a way of celebrating her Boxing victory. Making signs and standing on the street to direct traffice, after a full hour more than 90 people were blessed and the event brought the entire community together by the Champ.  Following the hard work by the Pastel shop she then blessed the owner by matching the bill as her tip.  Way to be a champ in and out of the ring Cyborg!

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