Mauro Ranallo is one of the true inspiring voices of Combat Sports.  Fans on Cyborg Nation will remember his early play calling in Cyborg’s fights with Elite XC and Strikeforce.  While a rockstar on the microphone, Mauro Ranallo has battled with BiPolar disorder for a long time.

His challenges against the disorder have been long documented, and he has used his platform to help bring awareness to others who are suffering from similar illnesses. Close to 6 million American’s a year struggle with BiPolar disorder.

Showtime, has helped bring even more attention to this cause as they filmed, edited, and produced a blockbuster documentary brining viewers behind the scenes like they have never had a chance, giving them a real image of the difficulties mental illness can cause, and how it has affected the iconic announcer personally.

Showtime describes the documentary on their youtube

“The film explores Ranallo’s career, including his work on the two biggest pay-per-view events in television history, and his relentless pursuit of a childhood dream despite seemingly insurmountable odds. Through this deeply personal portrait, Ranallo hopes that the film might inspire others to persevere in pursuing their dreams despite the challenges of a mental health condition.”

It will air on SHOWTIME during Mental Health Awareness Month on May 25

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