WOW! LOOK HOW DANA WHITE and the UFC came through for little ASHLYNN at #UFC214! Ashlynn is a cancer survivor and fighter who was the winner of the #CYBORGNATION #UFC214 video challenge.  Fans from all over the world submitted videos explaining why the opportunity to meet Cris Cyborg would be an opportunity of a lifetime for them.

Check out Ashlynn on the Rock’s Instagram!

Ashlynn and her mother recently suffered the passing of her father, and while Ashlynn is in recovery, she has had a very challenging battle with cancer that has really pulled together the entire community of Huntington Beach California to further the awareness and needs to develop alternative medical treatments outside of many of the toxic forms of treatment currently being administered for treatment.

Ashlynn with the Champs Family on the cage!

It was a great experience for young Ashlynn who got a chance to meet many of the UFC stars!  Highlights included Ashlynn getting to meet UFC Champion Jon Jones and his family back stage before the public weigh ins, an in cage greeting by Cris Cyborg, and a playful game of chase inside the cage with Cynthia Calvillo.

Following the public weigh in VIP treatment for Ashlynn and her mother, Dana White gave them seats inside of his personal seating section! Cageside on the floor young Ashlynn got an opportunity to hang out and meet all of the other celebrities who came out to support Cris Cyborg at UFC 214 including THE ROCK, Gordon Ramsey and of course the man who made everything possible, UFC President Dana White himself!

Thank You Dana White for making this possible for Ashlynn at UFC 214

Thank you to all the fans on CYBORG NATION who supported Team Cyborg for UFC 214!


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