The terrible news of the savage murder of MMA fighter of Adriano Mamute in Belem Brazil Tuesday night has rocked the entire Brazilian Martial Arts community.  The 29 year old fighter was murdered in front of his wife and kid after a botched robbery.  He was initially shot in the face while trying to protect his wife and 9 year old child.  Still alive on the floor of the residence, the robbers decided to finish the murder before leaving by grabbing a kitchen knife and stabbing the fighter multiple times.

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An update on the story, as the police have apprehended two suspects who they feel have a connection to the crime. Erick De Souza Silva 22 Years old and Gabriel Da Silva e Silva 21 years of age are already in custody, however the police are searching for additional suspects believed to be involved in the murder.  At the time of the arrest a .38 revolver was recovered from the suspects in addition to synthetic marijuana which was believed to be for drug distribution.

The police are going to run a ballistics test on the handgun recovered to determine if this was the weapon used to murder Adriano Mamute.  We will continue to bring updates on the story as the case and investigation continues.

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