Black Belt secrets don’t get shared very often, especially in Muay Thai however this exclusive video shows you one of the important details when throwing an elbow strike as demonstrated by UFC Featherweight Champion Cris Cyborg.  In the video you will notice a couple of details that often go unexplained about the elbow strike.

  1. Penetration Step: You notice she is able to get her initial step deep similar to a penetration step on a wrestling ‘shot’.  The elbow is an effective offensive and defensive strategy from within the close distance.  Paying attention to the distance and spacing of your opponent allows you to safely utilize the elbow strike within range.

2 Relax your hand. Bone on Bone cuts, a relaxed hand will allow you the opportunity of cutting your opponent. Pretend the point of the elbow is a rock skipping on the water and reach your hand inward towards your chest to expose the sharp part of the elbow.

3. Generate power from your feet, twisting through your hips out your torso and into your shoulder through your wrist as you point the sharp part of your elbow into the  contact point.  Similar to a lead hook or a power cross in rotation, turing your wrist inwards towards your chest on the momentum.


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