Cris Cyborg recently made her professional boxing debut as the CoMain event of the Fight Music Show mixed combat and entertainment promotion which filled the Arena Da Baixada stadium with 10,000 fans and spectators.  Cyborg who released an exclusive all access video series on both Youtube and her ONLYFANS account ahead of her boxing debut finally released the last episode of the Made for Youtube digital series ‘Cyborg Nation Fight Week’

In the 10th and final episode of the hit digital series now in it’s 13th season of production, Cyborg reveled that due to a surgery to her nose she was unable to spar in the lead -up to her boxing debut against Simone Silva. Silva a veteran of over 40 professional boxing fights is a former Brazilian Nation Boxing Champion with over 300 rounds of professional boxing and bouts for the WBC, WBA, WBO, WBF World Championship Belts on her resume.

Winning all 8 rounds of the bout, Cyborg went on to capture the FMS SuperWelterweight pro female Championship belt in a bout that was over seen by the Associação Paranaense de Lutas Commission giving the sport of MMA’s only Grand Slam Champion a professional record of 1-0 in Boxing. 

Fans of Cris Cyborg should check out the full video series which featured 10 episodes and was filmed in the USA, Canada, and Brazil in the lead up to her professional Boxing Debut.  Check out the full docuseries here.

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