If you are planning to go to Thailand, I can only recommend making sure that you take some time in your trip to travel south towards the amazing tropical islands and visit Phuket Thailand for yourself.  Once you make it to paradise be sure that you save some time in your schedule to learn about Thai Culture, experience the local community, and to capture some amazing memories by taking in some Authentic Muay Thai training during your trip.

I have been fortunate to train in Thailand several times, and for me the experience at Phuket Top Team has always been world class and top notch.  Family owned and operated the facility understands western expectations but is still very authentic in Thai values and customs which is an important part of traveling abroad.  While there are MANY WORLD CLASS MUAY THAI TRAINERS all over the world, there are VERY FEW opportunities to learn WHY MUAY THAI is the world’s most effective striking martial art by actually experiencing the culture of the country and the history of the sport of Muay Thai.

Phuket Top Team training schedule

With the recent trend of MMA and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu many foreigners who are traveling to Thailand are missing out of the real value of why a trip to Asia to train martial arts is such an incredible experience.  They are spending most of their time training a diluted version of Muay Thai taught by athletes who could be coaching in the USA, Australia, or the UK instead of investing their time learning the real value of Authentic Muay Thai and then learning how to integrate that experience into other combat sports.  Imagine a BJJ Black Belt learning Muay Thai for the sport of Muay Thai and then scoring 2 points for a takedown in a BJJ tournament with a Muay Thai takedown, or an MMA Champion creating a separation in the clench and landing a flush elbow from the sport of Muay Thai inside of the cage–those become possibilities for a real martial artist when you are learning “Muay Thai” for “Muay Thai” by genuine Kru’s and Ajarns.

I LOVE that Phuket Top Team has opened up their new all striking training facility, and that it is still located in Phuket Thailand.  I had an amazing experience each time I visited PTT and often recommend the facility to my friends, family, and training partners.  If you visit the new ALL STRIKING FACILITY be sure to tell them you are on Team Cyborg and that Cris Cyborg sent you!


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