In the last event, we had a lot of great fights going! One of them was the fight of Priscilla De Souza vs. Claudia Leite who took the victory home with a very close fight won by unanimous decision. If you want to watch this fight or the other fights from the last event you can go to our Youtube Channel and find all of them in there. You can also find the video of the weigh-ins that took place July 28th in Brazil and see some of the fighters that fought at the event too. Cris Cyborg wanted to make a fighting event like Cyborg Nation to give smaller fighters a better opportunity to be seen and to get to bigger events like Bellator. An example of that was Arivaldo “Carnica” Lima da Silva who won his contract with the event Bellator on July 29th after the NCF 9 event which was a success. Cris Cyborg has a huge passion for helping and reaching out to those who need help more than us, and due to that she made so that Cyborg Nation also always tries to help others out either by donating some food as part of the event, helping out with kids’ projects and more. 

Yesterday The Grandslam champion Cris Cyborg had her interview with some of the girls that are going to be fighting on October 21st on the Nacao Cyborg (NC Fights) in the woman-only card, if you want to watch that you can go to Cris Cyborg’s Instagram and check that out. There is going to be another interview with 6 other girls pretty soon so make sure to stay tuned to that! If you are a fighter and you want to fight at NCF make sure to go to ncfights.com and put your information and everything needed for you to be part of the event and if you want to sponsor the event you can also put your information on the website and be part of the Cyborg Nation family and help us grow even more to give more athletes the opportunity that they all deserve. 

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