After watching the video of Holly Holm trying to head kick a bag with my face on it…I thought I better make sure I am training for a southpaw striker ahead of UFC 219.  Since the post lots of interviews have asked me what I have to say…and my answer has been the same…sign the contract.

Knowing that Dec. 30th is less than 2 months away I have brought out Muay Thai Championn and EFC, MMA Champion Don Madge to be a southpaw training partner with me.  Don is a South African Muay Thai champion who lived in Thailand competing at a high level before transitioning to MMA and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  Now a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Brown Belt, Don has an MMA record of 9-3

I am excited to have such a talented southpaw in camp helping me prepare for Holly Holm Dec. 30th.  Don is very talented and I would expect to see the South African MMA Champ as one of the next fighters from that country to join the UFC.  Make sure you go follow him on Twitter! 

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