Cris Cyborg recently traveled to Uganda to participate in a human outreach project with Fight For The Forgotten a charity organized by MMA fighter Justin Wren aimed at helping bring hope and community change for the Batwa Pygmy Tribes.

Cyborg who traveled to Uganda, was able to see the two water wells which Cyborg Nation helped provide for on new land that Fight For The Forgotten has been able to secure with local partners and the Ugandan government which will be given to the Batwa refugees currently living in a camp provided by the government.

While on location Cyborg got an opportunity to visit an orphanage for the Batwa which is providing two meals a day for the kids, education, and housing.  It was an emotional experience for Cris as she was confronted face to face with the daily struggle many of these children are living with. Check out the full episode below

Fight For The Forgotten is working to teach the Batwa farming techniques which will allow them the ability to become more self sufficient on the newly acquired land, hopefully giving them a consistent food source that can eventually turn into a stream of income for the them.  To see how you can help support Justin Wren and Fight For The Forgotten click here. Special Appreciation for Cyborg Nation supporters Pso-Rite the leading self massage tool in the industry, Extract Labs American made CBD with the strictest testing, and SouthCoastMitsubishi to premier used car dealership in Costa Mesa, CA for their continued support in producing the Cyborg Nation Destination Africa Digital series filmed and edited by Joey Granath.

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