Cris Cyborg met this great children Youth group in Medellin, Colombia that works with the kids by teaching them Karate and teaching them how to fight for the right things on her way to getting her stemcellls with her partners BioXcellarator. Cris Cyborg first traveled to Medellin Colombia for Stem Cell treatments a couple of years ago, looking for some treatment in multiple injuries that didn’t require surgery but were slowing down her training and weren’t letting her do her best in her performances.Working with the team of experts of BioXcellator; which includes different doctors, for example regenerative medicine doctors, orthopedists, neurosurgeons who look at each injury to find the best treatment for you, Cyborg was considered a perfect candidate for Stem Cell Treatments due to her crazy trains and fights. 


Cris Cyborg has been working on not only children’s projects but various different charity and other programs since the beggining of her career by donating money, food, clothing, shoes, fighting gear and more. Cyborg has always had a big heart and has always been helping the people that need and that are less fortunate than other people. She has helped in different ones in Brazil and she’s involved with a bunch of things with kids for examle she is the godmother of the well known hospital in Curitiba, Brazil that takes care of kids with cancer Hospital Erasto Gaertner and more. If you are nterested in knowing more about Cris’s projects and to know more about the things that she likes to do and help with make sure to follow her on her social and Youtube channe where she shows everything and every step that she takes to help them. And if you want to know more about the grandslam champion’s trip to Colombia and know more about her Umbilical Stem Cell transplant follow her on her social mediea like TikTok, Instagram, Youtube and also here on website that gets new daily and fresh news about the champ’s life and other things that happen in the MMA world. 

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