Following the impressive performance by Francis Ngannou as he stepped into the ring against World #1 ranked Boxing Heavyweight Tyson Fury walking away with a controversial split decision loss, MMA’s female Champion Cris Cyborg voiced her wants for a mega showdown of the women posting on X (formerly Twitter) that she wanted Katie Taylor.

Cyborg who competed twice in 2022 in the sport of professional boxing will be returning to the boxing ring January 19th 2024 against an opponent yet to be named. Cyborg who is the only Grand Slam Champion in the sport of MMA after winning belts with Strikeforce, UFC, Invica FC, and Bellator MMA has teased a showdown against Katie Taylor before.

Katie Taylor is the #1 most recognizable name in the sport of Women’s Boxing globally and at 140lbs was unified champion until a mixed decision loss to Chanellte Cameron last May. Currently scheduled for a rematch against Chantelle Cameron on November 25th, a win for her belts back and a showdown against Cyborg would be history changing for women competing in Boxing.

While Katei Taylor regularly competes at 140lbs and Cyborg is an MMA World Champion at 145lbs the matchup between the two crossovers would have more than enough factors to make it interesting. Cyborg the larger fighter would be facing an athlete with close to 100 amateur boxing fights and 24 professional fights, having never been KO’d in competition. Cyborg who is known for her wrestling and clench would be forced to only box a fighter who has won an Olympic Gold Medal and literally every professional belt in the history of the sport. While similar in age, Katie Taylor would still be 2 years younger.

What do you think? Would a fight between Cris Cyborg and Katie Taylor grow the sport of Women’s Boxing? Could we see them in Ireland? In Brazil? Maybe Saudi Arabia?

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