This article delves into the recent achievements of Cris Cyborg, focusing on her impressive venture into professional boxing, alongside her enduring legacy in mixed martial arts (MMA). Cyborg’s transition into boxing and her continued success in MMA highlight her versatile combat sports career, underscoring her dominance across various fighting platforms.

An 81-Second Walkoff Knockout: A Stellar Performance

On January 19, Cris Cyborg demonstrated her striking prowess in the boxing ring against Kelsey Wickstrum at the Pechanga Resort Casino in Temecula, California. Securing her second official victory in professional boxing, Cyborg delivered a first-round knockout win that lasted merely 81 seconds. 

This victory was not only a testament to her power but also a statement to the boxing world about her serious intentions in the sport. Her ability to finish the fight with an overhand right showcased her striking skills, honed through years of MMA experience, now being effectively translated into boxing.

A Challenge From Christine Ferea: Opening New Doors

The aftermath of the bout saw an intriguing development when bare-knuckle boxing champion Christine Ferea entered the ring. Ferea’s challenge to Cyborg opens up potential opportunities for Cyborg to explore another facet of combat sports. 

This proposition not only highlights Cyborg’s influence across different fighting disciplines but also sets the stage for exciting matchups that fans can eagerly anticipate. Cyborg’s willingness to test her skills in various arenas underscores her relentless pursuit of new challenges and her desire to dominate across all forms of combat sports.

A Decorated MMA Legacy: Champion Across Organizations


Cris Cyborg’s name remains synonymous with dominance in the world of combat sports, as she continues to leave an indelible mark across various fighting organizations. Her unparalleled strength, technique, and strategic acumen have kept her at the pinnacle, consistently outperforming her competition. Fans of Cyborg, can engage with her success story through sports betting platforms, by clicking here.

With world titles in prestigious organizations such as the UFC, Bellator, Invicta, and Strikeforce, Cyborg has demonstrated her versatility and dominance. Her multiple title defenses in each of these organizations further cement her legacy as one of the most decorated champions in MMA history. 

Transition to Boxing: Extending Her Legacy

Cris Cyborg’s foray into professional boxing is more than just a new chapter in her illustrious career; it’s an extension of her legacy in combat sports. By winning a fight she took on short notice against Gabrielle Holloway on December 10, 2022, on the Terence Crawford-David Avenesyan card, Cyborg signaled her serious intentions in boxing. 

This transition from MMA to boxing is a testament to her striking ability, a skill that has been a cornerstone of her success in combat sports. Cyborg’s ability to adapt and excel in a new discipline underscores her exceptional athleticism and dedication to mastering all forms of combat.

Aspirations for Boxing Gold: Aiming Higher

At 38, Cyborg is far from resting on her laurels. Viewing her recent boxing victory as a stepping stone, she has set her sights on achieving even greater heights in the boxing world. Cyborg’s ambition to become a world champion boxer reflects her unyielding spirit and determination to excel. 

This goal underscores her commitment to expanding her legacy beyond MMA, proving that her competitive fire burns as fiercely as ever. Her pursuit of boxing gold is a compelling narrative that adds another layer to her already storied career in combat sports.

Defending the Featherweight Title: Bellator 300 Victory

Despite branching out into boxing, Cyborg remains a formidable force in MMA. Her first-round victory over Cat Zingano at Bellator 300 on October 7, where she defended her featherweight title, is a testament to her continued dominance in the sport. 

This victory not only reinforced her status as a top competitor in MMA but also showed her ability to balance a career in two demanding combat sports simultaneously. Cyborg’s success in defending her title while exploring new opportunities in boxing highlights her exceptional talent and work ethic.

The Future With PFL: Navigating Uncertainty

The acquisition of Bellator by the Professional Fighters League (PFL) introduces a new chapter in Cyborg’s MMA career. With the upcoming pay-per-view event featuring Bellator champions against PFL champions, Cyborg’s absence from the lineup and the early tension with the PFL add layers of uncertainty to her future in MMA. 

However, Cyborg’s momentum in her boxing career provides a solid foundation for her to lean on as she navigates these changes. Her ability to excel in multiple disciplines may offer her leverage and opportunities in this new landscape, illustrating her resilience and adaptability in the face of challenges.

Conclusion: The Undisputed Champion


Cris Cyborg‘s journey through combat sports is a narrative of relentless pursuit, unparalleled success, and the continuous quest for new challenges. Her recent boxing victory and decorated MMA career highlight her as a multifaceted fighter who transcends the boundaries of individual combat sports. 

Cyborg’s ability to adapt, excel, and dominate in every arena she enters is a testament to her legendary status. As she continues to explore new opportunities and face new challenges, Cyborg’s legacy as one of the greatest combat sports athletes of all time is further solidified.

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