In the crazy world of professional fighting, Claressa Shields has continued her feud with Cris Cyborg recently taking to social media platform ‘X’ formerly known as Twitter to accuse the MMA Grand Slam Champion of ‘lying’.

Claressa who was unable to make the contracted weight class of 155lbs, had to request a catchweight of 165lbs with her opponent Kelsey De Santis who had previously never competed higher than 145lbs in her career.  In addition to the ‘Catchweight’ Kelsey was also had to agree to modified rules which took away the ability to use an ‘elbow strike’ during the match.  With Claressa spending the final 2.30 minutes of the third round mounted, her opponent did not have the ability to use the elbow strike for ground and pound.

“GWOAT” threatens Cris Cyborg with Lawsuit

Claressa who also noted on ‘X’ that she weighed in 200 grams lighter than her opponent, failed to mention that her opponent wore sunglasses onto the scale, which if removed could have calculated for the additional 200 grams.

Cris Cyborg agrees to move up 20 lbs for a fight

Cyborg who responded in kind by calling Shields Goofy, went on to sarcastically imply that she would be willing to move up from her championship wieght of 145lbs to face Claressa Shields for the “PFLMMA Belt at 165lbs”, While there is no Belt in the PFL for women at 165lbs.

Cyborg has publicly agreed to face the “GWOAT” in both Boxing and MMA, however Claressa Shields continues to put stipulations on any fight instead threatening legal action. Do you think we will ever see these two inside a ring or cage?

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